Raw Honey with Organic Saffron - 540g

The CROSATI Saffron Honey contains the highest possible natural levels of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with health-boosting anti-inflammatory properties. The blend of saffron and honey has been created from carefully selected premium fresh ingredients.

The CROSATI Honey is produced ethically with extreme care. It is 100% fresh, natural and unheated. It is whipped and packed straight from our healthy beehives.

The CROSATI Saffron is organically grown and hand harvested in the Rhodopes mountain region in South-Eastern Europe.

It contains NO additives.

Use for cooking, baking, or for sweetening hot and cold beverages. Try with yogurt and berries for a quick tasty power boost. Use to add exquisite sweetness to tea, lemonade and cocktails. Drizzle over cheese, fruit, freshly baked goods, waffles and desserts.

Nutritional information

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