About us

Crosati LTD.CROSATI LTD.: Producers of saffron-based premium products

The name CROSATI comes from Crocus Sativus, the scientific name of the flower from which saffron is extracted.

At CROSATI Ltd., we are dedicated to developing a portfolio of exquisite saffron-based products that bring out the four major qualities of the spice: specific colour, aroma, flavour and remedial properties.

In creating our products, we combine ancient knowledge with the latest scientific findings about the world’s most expensive spice.

Romans used to take saffron-infused baths while Cleopatra relied on it in her beautifying rituals. Ancient civilizations stuffed pillows with the spice as a hangover cure. Saffron is nicknamed the “sunshine spice” partly because it has proven mood-boosting properties.

CROSATI Ltd. develops special cosmetics, honey, oils infused with premium-grade certified organic saffron. We also produce unique blends of beverages, chilli sauces, syrups, sweets, etc.